For companies without an in-house technical team or all the necessary resources to tackle internal challenges. Also crucial for projects with urgent kick-off requirements that can't afford the time for recruitment and selection.

Key features

  • Hiring technical resources helps meet internal demands, often temporary, where having an in-house team wouldn't be justified. Also suitable for long-term needs when the company prefers to outsource the technical sector and focus on its core business.
  • Facilitates quick project kick-off with an outsourced team.
  • Consulting with experts from various fields accelerates your team's technological leveling process.
Problem cover

Business benefits

  • Accurate placement of the right professional in the right position.
  • Quick availability of skilled professionals.
  • Flexible adjustment of the development team according to demand.

How we do

Companies experienced in IT often have well-defined desired technical profiles, leading them to request specific professionals.


Understanding Your Needs

Our team will meet to understand your specific business needs.


Types of Hiring

Hiring can be hourly-based or on a monthly value. In most cases, resources are allocated full-time.


Diverse Regimes

Standard business hours from Monday to Friday or flexible regimes as needed.

Applied technologies



Turn your ideas into digital reality. Custom mobile apps that combine functionality, performance and design.


Cloud Computing

Scalability and agility define our approach. Move to the cloud and gain access to powerful, flexible and secure features to power your business.


Big Data

Turn data into actionable insights. Advanced big data analytics reveal hidden patterns and trends to drive strategy and growth.



Engaging experiences that unite the digital and the real, creating new possibilities for engagement and interaction.


UI/UX Design

We create captivating experiences. Our user-centered design approach improves usability and satisfaction, leaving a lasting impression.



Connect the physical world to the digital one. Our IoT expertise creates smart, connected solutions to streamline processes and improve decision-making.


Machine Learning

Power your business with AI. Create intelligent solutions that automate tasks, predict trends and drive efficiency.



We transform business with security and transparency. Our blockchain expertise has boosted trust and efficiency in your transactions and processes.

Still have questions?

Here are some useful details to help you better understand our services. To learn more, get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

  • What's the advantage?

    It offers excellent cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing technical resources saves time on recruitment/selection, reduces labor costs, and minimizes project risks through skilled professionals, avoiding delays, refactoring, performance issues, etc.
  • What's the minimum time commitment?

    There's no defined minimum time. Technical resources can be allocated for short periods, at least 1 month, or extended for months or even years, depending on the needs.
  • Who manages the professionals' work time?

    10i9 monitors each professional's work to ensure optimal task execution. As these professionals are embedded in client projects, they must adhere to the client's project management practices, meetings, delivery deadlines, etc.

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